Leaf Prop


material: Bangjja (78% copper, 22% tin)

This is leaf - shaped prop that is made of Bangjja. Bangjja, also known as yugi, is a Korean type of hand-forged bronzeware. The main difference between Korean bronzeware or Banjja from other bronzeware is the alloy ratio of copper to tin. The Bangjja contains much more tin than other bronzewares (Cu:Sn = 78:22 as volume) while the normal ratio of tin to copper is 1/9. Due to this compositional difference, bangjja (unlike other kinds of bronzeware) can be sterilized. For this reason, it has historically been used as tableware for the royal families of Korea. Bangjja is used for the traditional presentation of Korean royal court cuisine..

재료: 방짜

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