Cues Table


material: Pool cues, birch wood
size: W600 D600 H800mm

'Cues' table is made from a part of pool cues thrown away.Cues table is made for bar/snack or cafe. Useless 24 pool cues became a fascinated table leg. How many billiard saloons are in the world? How many billiard saloons are in Korea-south? According to the report of South Korea ' s National Statistical Office in 2006, 9728 billiard saloons exist in South Korea . How many pool cues have been thrown away after use? I couldn't count the number, but I think many cues thrown away as much as the number of billiard saloons. A pool cue which is used many times goes to the garbage. When people handles with care of a pool cue, for example changes a tip, people grinds a wood and tip. So, a pool cue that is used for a long time, it couldn ' t be used because it is too thin to use.

재료: 당구큐, 자작나무 원목
규격: W600 D600 H800 mm

버려진 당구 큐 24개를 활용한 업사이클링 프로젝트이다. 쓸모없어져 버린 당구큐를 바/카페에서 사용할 수 있는 테이블 다리로 디자인하였다. 당구 큐는 팁을 교체할때마다 큐와 연결된 상대를 사포로 갈아 사용 시간이 늘어날 수록 점점 얇아져 더이상 사용하지 못하고 버려지게 된다. 2006년 통계청자료를 보면 한국에 약 9728개의 당구장이 있다고 조사되었다.

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